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I offer law services mostly in areas of:
  • business law
  • criminal law
  • civil law
  • family law


Welcome to my website,

I am a lawyer - attorney residing in Košice and I am working as lawyer from 2012 – I started as junior lawyer and then from 2016 I have my own law office. I offer law services mostly in areas of business law, criminal law, civil law, and family law. I provide services for clients from different economic areas like real estate, IT and bussiness areas, but I also provide services for natural persons.
I am looking forward to our cooperation.

Sincerely podpis Roman Frnčo JUDr. Roman Frnčo

I acquired my law abilities by working in several prestigious law offices in Košice, allowing me to understand law from many different perspectives.

2007 - 2012

Study in Law faculty of University of Pavol Jozef Šafárik in Košice


Law trainee in law office GRABAN, TORMA & PARTNERS s.r.o.

2012 - 2014

Law trainee in law office of JUDr. Iveta Rajtáková

2014 - 2016

Junior / senior lawyer in law office VASIĽ, ŠIMONOVIČ & partners, s.r.o. and in other partner law offices


Degree “JUDr.” in topic "Regulations of firearms"


Passing of Bar exams

2019 - 2022

The president of legislative comitee of part of
Košice – Nad jazerom and member of legislative comitee of Košice

Legal services

I provide services in areas of business law, criminal law, civil law and family law.

General contract agenda
Company formation
Transfer of shares
Disposal of companies
Pledge contracts
Lease contracts
Debt recovery
Criminal agenda
Registration of trade marks
Analysis of contracts
Employment contracts
General agenda for entrepreneurs in real estate, IT sector
Silent partnership agreement
Disputes about unfair competition, protection of reputation
The brokerage contracts
Advertising contracts
Changes in companies, mergers and acquisitions
Purchase and gift contracts of real estate
Disputes concerning the ownership of real estate
Criminal agenda
Cancellation and settlement of co-ownership
Divorce proceedings
Determination of paternity
Disputes with insurance companies
Neighbourhood conflicts
Matters of succession
Loan agreements
Labour disputes


I provide services for compensation. Obviously, compensation is arranged as exact sum of money for concrete service – analysis, contract, etc. There is also another way we can deal with compensation according to our mutual agreement.

Compensation for most common services

Average contract about real estate

170,- Eur

Incorporation of limited liability company (basic payment of court incorporated)

300,- Eur

Takeover your case and basic analysis

100 - 200,- Eur

Drafting contract

100 - 150,- Eur

Representation on hearing before court (price is for max. 2 hours)

100 - 150,- Eur

Drafting a proposal for court in family case

150 - 200,- Eur

The registration of trademark in Slovak republic (without administrative fee)

100,- Eur

Online Advice

Are you solving some legal issue and do you need help? Write me. You are paying for it in case, if we arrange this.